Active Nutrition – a growing trend in a healthy lifestyle

Jun 20, 2019

48% of consumers look to Active Nutrition to maintain a healthy weight.
At Prinsen Berning we believe that changing lifestyles will grow the consumption of Food solutions that combine healthy ingredients with convenience and pleasure.

Recent research of FMCG Gurus says that Active Nutrition is seen as a healthy lifestyle which incorporates excersing and a balanced diet. This can be seen by the number of people exercising at least 3 times a week (57%). This includes walking, running, and going to the gym as being part of their routine. Over half (53%) of people who choose to exercise is focused on staying active as they grow older. Although this is the main reason to why people choose to follow an active lifestyle 48% of consumers look to active nutrition to maintain a healthy weight whilst 35% look to active nutrition as a way of losing weight.

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